Professional Massage Therapy
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Facial Massages & Sports Massages in Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Our professional massage therapists provide a variety of massages to meet your needs. Fuji Salon in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, offers facial massages and sports massages. Contact us today to request an appointment so we can send you into a state of relaxation.

Massage, Sports Massages in Rochelle Park, NJ

professional massage therapy, rochelle park, new jersey, nj

Massage Therapy
Try one of our many therapeutic treatments. Our therapists are trained in shiatsu, Swedish oil, acupressure massage, sports therapy massage, and Japanese therapeutic massage. Each massage is 1 hour long. Wrap up your treatment with a hot, steam towel service.

Facial Massage
To accent your facial or neck massage, a soothing cold cream or body lotion application can be added to your treatment. Cold cream is especially beneficial in the winter, when harsh weather tends to dry out your skin.

Sports Therapy Massage
Indulge in a stretch or sports massage for muscle elasticity and strength. This treatment, combined with our skilled acupuncture procedure, loosens your muscles for optimum performance.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for professional massage therapy.